Putting the “hash” in the hashtag #writing #amwriting #writertip #writerlife

hashtag-450x336I remember when the # symbol was called a pound sign…and even before that, the playing board for a big game of Tic-Tac-Toe—which I am awesome at, by the way. With the explosion of Twitter, however, the pound sign had become the compass in the sea of tweets that, otherwise, seem more like a jumbled mess of chaos more often than not.

Enter….the Hashtag—or as we all know, the word combinations that link tweets from all over the world regarding certain subjects or topics together.

I have to admit that it took me a long time to really get into Twitter, and even longer to start using hashtags. Of course, I have since learned how valuable they really are, but yes, it took me awhile. Sometimes, I still wonder if I’m even doing it right, too. I know that I shouldn’t put too many in, so my posts don’t look like spam, however, I still want them to reach a broad audience. Oh yes, it’s just another dance in the writing world—too much, not enough—and around the circle we go.

Of course, like all other authors, I used the main ones: #amwriting, #writing, #writertips, #writerproblems, #amreading, #MustRead, #romance (for the genre), #author, #kindle, #ebook, and #KindleUnlimited. However, I notice when I use the off the wall ones for my books, like #Klondike and #horses, not only do my posts get retweeted more often, but I gain new followers. I don’t know if these followers really look into my profile, website, or books, but maybe, just maybe, a few of them do.

Other tags that seem to give me a boost are tags I do for the different blogs: #homesteading, #homestead, #homeschool, #mom, #mommy, and #momlife, #mommyblogger. Plus, the recently used, #travel and #roadtrip.

I have to say it’s kind of fun digging through Twitter in search for news ones to use. I know a lot of people make up their own, however, I don’t. I always make sure I’m using ones that are already used since that guarantees people will actually see my post.

So darling followers, what are your go-to hashtags for posting? Do you use them just on Twitter or do you use them on Facebook too?

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3 thoughts on “Putting the “hash” in the hashtag #writing #amwriting #writertip #writerlife

  1. I am completely twitter illiterate. I have used it, and used hashtags before, but just can’t get into it. BTW, the # used to also refer to numbers. Instead of saying “number 7,” people could write “#7” without writing out the word “number.” Anyway, once I have something to promote, I will definitely have to get on ‘the twit.’ Unfortunately, right now I’m nursing a sprained ankle and on pain meds. 😦 So, that’s probably why this comment is not making a whole lot of sense. Heh. Thanks for sharing this twitter info. I saved this for later reference.

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