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Life on the Road #travel #roadtrippin #roadtrip

20150512_063651I’ve been driving across the country for the last several days, and thought I’d share some of the memories….both the good and the bad. LOL. If you’ve ever driven any length of distance with children in the car, I’m sure you feel my pain.

On the whole, the trip was fun. It’s always fun to travel with the girls, letting them see some sites, play in hotel rooms, listen to some books on CD, and play car games. Well, play the games with the oldest now that she can understand them.

My route for heading out was through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and up through the desert of Nevada. Stops included, Amarillo TX, Tucumcari NM, Albuquerque NM, Gallop NM, Winslow AZ, Flagstaff AZ, Kingman AZ, Las Vegas NV, Beatty NV, Tonopah NV, Hawthorne NV, and finally the last stretch to Reno NV.

20150512_103619The first day I had planned to get up and get on the road by 3am. However, when the alarm went off, I decided to allow all of us another hour of sleep, and by 4am we were finally on the road.

Traveling through Texas and half of New Mexico, the scenery is fairly pretty. Just like in Oklahoma, everything is green in Texas. The girls napped,  watched Wreck It Ralph several times, and colored in their coloring books. We arrived at the hotel room about 3pm and it was nice to relax outside of the car.

20150513_082923The second day saw us through the other half of New Mexico and all through Arizona. Our day started earlier than planned because my phone didn’t automatically change time zones like I thought it did.

So, instead of leaving at 3:30am we left at 2:30am. Boy was I mad when I figured that out, which was after we were already in the car.

20150513_114334The scenery was more on the boring side until we reached Flagstaff. I’ve always loved driving through forests of pine trees. It makes me think of Lake Tahoe. Oklahoma has pine trees, but not like west coast. The girls had another day of napping, coloring, and watching Wreck It Ralph again—even though I brought other movies…several of them. We arrived in Las Vegas about 2pm.

After  staying in Las Vegas for a day and a half visiting family, we were back on the long stretch of I95 up through Nevada. To my shock, it rained off and on the whole trip, and we even hit snow in Tonopah. It was actually nice because it made for some prettier scenery than all the other times I’ve made the trip, and the cooler weather kept me from needing to use the air conditioner—which is always nice with my gas hog of a vehicle.

20150515_095859License Plates we saw: 1. Minnesota, 2. Tennessee, 3. Idaho, 4. Wisconsin, 5. Maryland, 6. California, 7. Texas, 8. New Mexico, 9. Ohio, 10. Pennsylvania, 11. Florida, 12. Missouri, 13. Maine, 14. North Carolina, 15. Oregon, 16. Illinois, 17. Utah, 18. Connecticut, 19. Mississippi, 20. Colorado, 21. Washington, 22. Nebraska, 23. New Jersey, 24. Virginia, 25. Iowa, 26. New York, 27. Alabama, 28. Kansas, 29. Arkansas, 30. Georgia, 31. Indiana, 32. Oklahoma, 33. Arizona, 34. Massachusetts, 35. Montana, 36. New Hampshire


7 thoughts on “Life on the Road #travel #roadtrippin #roadtrip

  1. This post brought back memories of a trip we took when my girls were young teens; one of our our goals was see how many state’s license plates we could find. We hit the jackpot when we visited Mt. Rushmore on our way from Minnesota to Wyoming—we got every one except Hawaii!

      1. We’ve seen them on rare occasion in antique malls. Even had to explain what it was for as the instructions were missing. The couple hadn’t had children yet.

  2. You are a super hero. I just drove from Tampa to Chicago (burbs), and I was a stressed out mess. My husband drove one car, I drove the other, and we just had a dog riding along with us (no kids). Driving on the expressways along side dozens (100’s?) of 18 wheelers through Atlanta, Chattanooga, Smokey Mountains, Nashville, Louisville, Indianapolis and finally Chicago made me a mental case. So glad we all (you and us) made it to our destinations safely. BTW, did you say where you ultimately ended up? I know you didn’t drive all that way for a day-and-a-half visit in Vegas.

    1. My final stop is Reno. I have to drive back probably in about a week and a half. I don’t really mind it, though. I was meant to drive. Now, if I was flying, I’d be a basket case. LOL. Glad we both made it too!! Hope you are having fun in Chicago!!

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