Jalopeno Potato Cheese Soup #foodie #RecipeOfTheDay #recipes #homesteading #mommy #momlife


4 tablespoons of butter

1/4 Cup of Flour

3 Cups of Milk

2 Red Potatoes

3 Cups of Cheese (I use graded Cheddar, but a combination of any cheeses can be used for added flavor.)

Salt, Pepper, Creole Seasoning, Red Crushed Pepper Flakes, and chopped pickled jalapeno peppers *All to taste, no measurements*

Boil potatoes until soft before starting.

Melt butter into a large pot, sprinkle in flour and whisk while cooking for a minute. Pour in milk and season to your liking with salt, pepper, onion powder, and crushed red pepper. For an added boost of flavor I always use Creole seasoning. It’s my friend. While the soup simmers for about 20 minutes cut up the potatoes and jalapenos and add to the soup for the last 5 minutes of simmering. Add in cheese and cook until it’s melted and combined. Stir for a few minutes and enjoy!

***This soup is very good, but it needs to be served with something to balance out the potato and cheese. Serve with a ham steak, grilled chicken breast, or a crisp green salad.***


3 thoughts on “Jalopeno Potato Cheese Soup #foodie #RecipeOfTheDay #recipes #homesteading #mommy #momlife

    1. If adding chicken, I would probably cook the chicken first in some seasoning, or a marinade. Then cube or slice it and add it into the soup about 10 minutes before the soup is ready to serve. I don’t believe that a milk-based creamy soup can cook chicken like broth.

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