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One Last Time #writing #amwriting #writerproblems #romance #paranormalromance

Per an email from my publisher, I was instructed to read through When the Black Roses Grow one last time to catch any errors or things that need to be changed before it went through edits with my editor. Currently, the novel is scheduled for a November 2015 release, and while I don’t have an exact date, the little twist in my gut and nudge of intuition is telling me it’s going to be November 18, 2015—another perfect day to add to my other release dates of March 19, 2014 and November 19, 2014.

But back to my point, for the last several weeks I’ve dove back into the year 1692 during the Salem Witch Trails—a world of difficult dialogue and a lot of research. And, just as with every time I’ve read it, the range of emotions have my head spinning and is leaving me feeling like I have a severe case of whiplash. 1231705_638549556211730_1525701148_n

I know I’ve mentioned before how hard this novel has been for me, but I don’t know if I’ve really fully expressed the joy, excitement, headache, and struggle I had with it. This novel was, by far, the hardest one I’ve written. I loved it, I hated it, it has interested me, and yet, bored me to tears. I also have to admit that it’s never really been a favorite story of mine. I’ve actually not liked it more than I’ve liked it.

*gasp* You mean I haven’t liked one of my books? Yep. Pretty much. *sigh*

Perhaps, it is simply because of how much I’ve struggled with it. I really don’t know. But, whatever the reason, there was just something about it that kept rubbing me the wrong way every time I worked on it.

The worst part about it is all the beta readers loved it. I mean, like really loved it. One of the ladies even told me it’s her favorite out of all three of my stories. ???? My editor loved it, too, and even made the comment, “This novel will change your world. Just saying.” Huh? While I know I could just ask her what she meant, I haven’t yet, as I’m sure I’ll learn what she meant when we begin the edits for it.

So here I am. Surrounded by everyone who loves this novel—everyone, except for the author who wrote it.

Uh, what in the heck is wrong with me? Because, seriously, it’s got to be me that’s the problem in this equation. Right?

So, knowing this about me, with this one last read-though, I’ve pushed myself to keep a more open mind with the characters and story. For the most part, it’s really helped me see each chapter with different eyes. I’m enjoying the story more and enjoying the characters more.

Is the novel my favorite yet? No, I can’t really say that it is, but of course, that’s because my heart will always be in Dawson City, Canada with In the Land of Gold—although, I have to admit that living in 1930 in As the Liquor Flows is gaining in points for “my favorite book” spot. We shall see by the time it’s finished if Evelyn and Henry have surpassed Cora and Flynn.

So darling followers, have you ever written a book you kind of didn’t like for awhile? Did you finally get over those feelings? Or do you still not like that particular part of your work?



2 thoughts on “One Last Time #writing #amwriting #writerproblems #romance #paranormalromance

  1. I think all authors go through this at one point or another. I tend to think it’s our fear talking. You might be afraid that everyone who loves it is wrong, or you might be afraid that they’re right and then what will that mean for you? Writers are a strange breed, really, because we want to do make stories and share them with others but we’re so afraid of the fall-out.

    So, as far as I’m concerned, you’re very normal! 🙂

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