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Couponing Once Again #momlife #coupons #couponlady #mommy

extreme-couponingI use to coupon all the time, and while I wasn’t one of those extreme couponers like on that TLC show Extreme Couponing, I was getting fairly good at it. Of course, I didn’t just buy everything to buy it. Because we are trying to live a healthier life with whole foods and clean eating, most of the coupons I just didn’t even touch because they were for processed junk.

With that said, though, I did manage to find killer deals on healthier food, as well as household and beauty products. I actually have about a two years worth of shampoo, body wash, and deodorant that probably cost me maybe $20 total for it all. Oh yeah. I’m talking killer deals. At my highest point of couponing, I had a stock pile in my house worth probably about $2,800 that I paid maybe $600 for. It was awesome.

And, then I stopped.

After a couple of weeks of looking through my stores sales ad and finding nothing, I just stopped. Not to mention, the store I frequented had a very strict coupon policy that, to me, actually doesn’t allow people to save money, and after receiving yet another lecture from the manager, I just stopped shopping there.

Over the course of the few months that I haven’t been using coupons, our stock pile has vanished. Of course, it’s helped us, but still not having it there in case of some emergency is really starting to bug me. Not to mention, I used to love going to the grocery store because of the game. How much money can I save? How much can I screw the store out of? *evil grin*

In these last few months, I’m back to hating the grocery store. Not to mention, I’m not saving hardly any money anymore, which is another thing I loathe. So with this frustration, I’ve decided to jump back into my old couponing ways. I’ve been collecting them for a good two weeks now, and while it’s not as big as my collection in my prime (at one point I had over 300 coupons in my binder), it’s slowly building.

Already this week, I’ve scored some more free stuff. Yes, that’s right, FREE shampoo (4 bottles) and FREE body way (4 bottles), and FREE yogurt (12 containers, non junk, local dairy healthy yogurt). I also paid mere pennies for paper towels, paper plates (for my road trip to Nevada), Greek yogurt, cheese, and refried beans. Now, while I would prefer to make my own shampoo, body soap, and yogurt, my goat isn’t in milk right now for soap and yogurt, and, well, I just can’t pass up on free. In the future, I do plan to make my own, but it’s always nice to have a back up, just in case.

I will admit that hunting for coupons, cutting them, tracking prices and sales, and planning out shopping trips does take a good chunk of time, but to me, the savings was well worth that time. Not to mention, my oldest loves to help me, and cutting coupons, not only gives her something constructive to do, but gives her a very valuable lesson about the real world. Checkbooks, checking accounts, balancing a budget, living on that budget, and learning how to stretch the good, ole’ all American dollar when you can’t quite live off your farm, yet.



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