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Traveling Across Country #roadtrip #writing #amwriting

Route-66It’s about that time of year again to make one of the two or three trips a year back to my hometown in Nevada for a visit. People ask me all the time if I miss Nevada, miss the mountains, and miss the desert.

While I do miss something, it’s not the mountains, the desert, or even the state itself. However, with that said, I do miss my family. Having worked for the family business and living across the street from my parents, to go from seeing them everyday to about 6 weeks out of the year is not fun—especially, when I now have two kids asking almost daily to go see Papa and Grandma. šŸ˜¦

Yes, there is nothing like little voices asking those words that is more of a punch to the gut.

Not to mention, every few months the cravings for hometown food and seeing old faces just sort of eggs on those pesky little “it’s time” thoughts, and I immediately want to start packing the car.


Yes, car. For those of you who don’t know, I don’t fly. I just don’t fly. Unless of course, I absolutely have to, like when I had to go for a couple of business trips when I was still working. Or, if we were to ever go on a vacation out of the country, I would have to, but if I can drive there, I will drive. No matter the distance, even if it was the lowest tip of Florida to the farthest tip of Alaska. I would drive.20141113_080602

I love driving. Sure, it’s not fun 100% of the time, but there is just something about seeing the sites when you are driving down the open road. Of course, my trip from Oklahoma to Reno goes through some of the most boring terrain, it’s still interesting to me to see different places. Not to mention, driving allows my kids to see things they wouldn’t from an airplane. Each trip takes 3 days of driving each way, 3 days there, and 3 days home. I could push it to 2 if I really wanted, which I might try this time, butĀ I haven’t really decided. We shall see as the trip draws near.

While I know there will be moments in this trip where I will wish I wasn’t in the car, I know, just as with every trip, it will be full of also fun times.

Not to mention, having made this trip already several times in the last seven years, I’ve learned a bunch of tricks to help make the ride smoother. Velcro curtains to block the sun, a cooler andĀ food binĀ full of healthy food and snacksĀ so we aren’t eating junk, paper plates and plastic utensils so we can eat in the car, the umbrella stroller so I’m not having to corral a toddler in public restrooms and gas stations, portable DVD players, books for them and audio books (a big one in our family is the Harry Potter series. Seriously, if you’ve never heard it how Jim Daily reads it, you are missing out!), lap trays for coloring, and the biggest helper of them all…..Ā 20141113_102521-1-1

…giant suckers that keep them happy in those last hours of a long day, where if we just pushed it, without stopping, we could be in the hotel room before we know it.


6 thoughts on “Traveling Across Country #roadtrip #writing #amwriting

  1. I can relate to you more with each post, Miss A. Except, traveling with the little ones, whew! I never had to do that, but cudos to you. Anyway, I don’t fly either. I’m claustrophobic and cannot get myself back on a plane. I wish I could, but it scares the dickens out of me to think of that door closing and not being able to get out (panic). I super, duper understand missing family back home, food, old haunts. I’ve been away from home/family for the better part of a 1/4 of a century. I can’t even believe that much time has gone by. At least my 1,200-mile drive was 2 days instead of 3 like yours. As you know, after all these years, we’re headed home for good (or at least for many years to come). My in-laws live 100 miles from where we are now, so we’ll still be making the 2-day drive, but in the other direction.

    Do you make that drive on your own with the kids, or does your husband go with?

    P.S. I’ve gotten on a plane many times before 2001, but hated it every time. I finally decided I couldn’t do it anymore.

    1. Because it’s such a long distance, whenever I go, I always am gone for 3-4 weeks, so I just go alone since my husband can’t take that much time off work. If he went we could do the drive in one day, but we would only get maybe a week of time. So it’s always just me and the girls. It has it’s good times and bad. LOL. We eat a lot of ice cream in the car. LOL

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