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Dishes and Laundry #householdchores #homesteading #homestead #writing #author #romance

I have two items that, although are checked off on a daily basis, they are still on my to do list…EVERYDAY….dishes and laundry.

Yes, dishes and laundry—the bane of my existence, the thorn in my side, the pesky task that I grow tired of the most, day in and day out. Of course, we do live in the modern and I do have a dishwasher. However, I have to admit that I really don’t use it that much.

It’s just easier to hand wash them, let them dry in a rack, and put them away. We really don’t go through enough dishes to run a dishwasher everyday, so they just sit in there, smelling up the thing until several days have passed and it’s full enough. Um, yuck. Not to mention, it just feels like it uses way more water than a simple, old-fashion hand washing. I don’t know. In all honesty, I’d rather just look at the chore like a Band-Aid and rip it off, or should I say, get it done. Besides, it’s quicker to put away just a drying rack full than a whole dishwasher full.

I have to wonder, does that make me lazy?

And, then there is laundry. I’d like to be one of those people that just does it once a week or even twice a week. But, I’ve been down that road. One time I actually was foolish enough to not do any for two whole weeks. By the time it was all dry and piled in the living room so I could fold it and put it away, there was a knock on my door. Some hikers were preparing for the climb on Mt. Everest and they were wondering if they could practice on my pile.

Never. Again.

Of course, I don’t just waste water and do small loads just to do it everyday. Unlike the dishes, I do get a couple of days reprieve from the pesky task since I always make sure I have a full load. But, with two young kids, who think it’s a blast to change their clothes fifty billion times a day, once a week just isn’t enough. Not to mention, I still have a toddler…who drinks before bedtime even though I try to limit her…and who still wears diapers that never, and I mean, NEVER, seem to hold it all in…

Thank goodness for vinyl crib mattresses.

I also have to take pleasure in that the oldest is starting to learn the concept of if she hasn’t worn it long or outside then it’s still clean and she folds it and puts it away instead of throwing it on the ground where it mixes with actually dirty stuff and I just wash it all because I don’t know which is which. She has learned this because she is now responsible for folding and putting away her clothes. Yep, a few times into folding her Mt. Everest pile and she wised up.

With that said….

Here is the thing I’ve realized about these thorns in my side.

Having to wash dishes means my kids are fed, and having to wash, dry, and fold their clothes means that they have played out side, went someplace fun, learned something new, and spent time with me.

Dishes and laundry means my kids lived life for a day, a week, a month, a year….

They lived, and tomorrow will be the same. Dishes and laundry = a happy, healthy home.


2 thoughts on “Dishes and Laundry #householdchores #homesteading #homestead #writing #author #romance

  1. I love this optimistic outlook. I don’t use my dishwasher either. There are only two of us and it takes forever to fill the machine. We run out of silverware/utensils long before we can fill up the thing.
    I wish you could’ve shared this outlook with my mom when I was growing up. My brother and I were the thorn in her side for giving her so much housework. 😛

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