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Redneck Gardening #gardening #garden #gardeningchat

20150315_175201While the term “Redneck” is often used as a derogatory slang to degrade working class and rural residents, I’m going to use it in the stance of reclaiming a sense of pride. Yes, I live in the country, yes I work hard everyday for everything I own, and yes, I’m middle class.

Even with all my hard work, I’m still not rich. I don’t have the finest things that money can buy, and, well, the only thing I have to say about that is…*shrugs shoulders*…I don’t care.

I am far from a materialistic person. I don’t have to keep up with the Joneses. I don’t have to have the nicest car and house out of all of my friends. I don’t have to have everything new, or the latest high prices gadgets to impress others. Of course, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with people who do need those things. I actually know a few people myself who are like the above description. I don’t dislike them or think of them less, they just have different beliefs than I do. I will say, however, that while they like to think I am, I’m not envious nor do I wish I had their lives or things. I kind of like my own life and all I’ve done in it.

One of which is the fact that I’m a redneck gardener. 20150315_155012

My garden boxes are made from the old, rotten wood we got from tearing down an extra tack room in the barn, old water barrels, and drum roll please…..old, broken kiddie pools that my kids can’t swim in anymore. Yes, you read that right, I’m using kiddie pools to grow my veggies. And, you know what…They. Work. Awesomely.

Are they pretty? Not really. I mean, yes they do add a sense of color to my garden, but they certainly don’t look like those perfectly sectioned off gardens you see pictures of all over the internet. You know those ones that any gardener drools over and wishes they had or at least had the money to do. The perfectly manicured gardens, all spaced correctly with lovely blooming plants….yeah, that is so not our house and garden.    front-yard-vegetable-garden-foodarian1600-x-1200-292-kb-jpeg-x

Do people look at them or me funny when they see a couple of pools near the barn with overgrown plants rising from them? Yes and they laugh, whether with us or at us, I have no idea. Probably both.

Do I care? Nope. I’m eating fresh veggies during the harvest months that I grew with my own two hands. Well, with the help of the dirt, water, the sun, and God, of course. Not to mention, I’m reusing and recycling.

In my eyes, my rotten wood and broken kiddie pool plastic every bit as good as thousands of dollars worth of brand new pretty wood and high end boxes. Of course, one day I will have to rebuild some of the boxes when I have the money. The boards were never treated and are getting worse with each year with water damage. But, for now, though, they still work great and until they don’t work, I’ll keep using them. Ugly, Redneck, and all.


4 thoughts on “Redneck Gardening #gardening #garden #gardeningchat

  1. Loved this blog post! I grew up on 10 acres and when my husband moved us to the suburbs I insisted on backyard space for a garden. My garden yields many types of veggies every summer and has inspired a few neighbors to grow a tomato plant or two. Like you said, I get some strange looks but I don’t mind. All I can think of is that picking and popping first strawberry into my mouth!

    1. That’s great you have a garden even in the suburbs. Not a lot of people continue with the hobby. I just hope this year is finally the year it’s successful. I’ve had some hard years getting into the groove of the right dirt and enough sunlight.

  2. You and I think alike, Miss A. Material things don’t warm the cockles of my heart like hugs and time with loved ones. You’ve mentioned before that you have strong opinions. Me too. I have a feeling we have very similar opinions. As authors, we don’t want to alienate anyone, so I button my lip. 😛 Unlike you, I am not good at living off the land. However, when we move, I hope to grow vegetables (it’s very difficult to grow things in this sandy soil where I live now). My dad grows them up at his place in Wisconsin (he has a townhome in Chicago and a farmhouse in Wisconsin), and they taste so much better than store bought. I can’t wait to try doing that myself. Thanks for sharing your kiddie pool secret.

    1. Hopefully, you can get a garden going when you move. I’d actually like being more able to live off the land. I need more boxes, and I’d love to finally own a cow. I do have a milk goat, but she doesn’t give enough for everyone, plus yogurt, cheese, and soap. It’s my goal to slowly get to more of a homesteading life. It’s just going to take some time.

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