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curriculum_000While I still have several months left in the 2nd grade year for my eldest, I’ve decided that next year, we will be trying a different program for her schoolwork. I don’t really have anything bad to say about her current program, but I would like to get a program that isn’t in line with the state and federal governments Common Core and involve her in a more Christian based program that teaches through scripture.

Not to mention, it’s lack of written and workbook work leaves me to think I need to find a better option for her. It’s all computer. All of it. And, while I wish for her to know how to use a computer, I also want her to be able to get through the day without one.

I know what it’s like to feel your hands are attached to one and I don’t want that for her. At least not until she’s an adult. I’m a firm believer in outside play when possible, and toy play inside instead of computers, video games, and tablets. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against those that enjoy them and let their kids enjoy them. We do have an iPad that we allow both kids to play with on occasion, it’s just not all the time.

Back to my point, so with the motivation for a different program, I started searching around for different ones. I enlisted the ideas of other homeschooling moms, and through all of them, somehow I ended up on Sometimes, I wonder if having a plethora of products is really a good idea. I mean, yes, I know it is, but seeing 81 books in my cart and my $991.80 total was a little…well shocking, but also disheartening.

If anyone has an extra grand lying around they don’t know what to do with and don’t have a need for, can you please send it my way?

Of course, I began to weed the list down. Anything that repeated work and that I knew was more of a “it’s not really needed, but it’d be cool if I had the money” was deleted. Still, though, after weeding all I could, I’m still looking at a cost of $624.53. OUCH! I have to say the pill would be a little easier to swallow if I was able to write off the cost, but alas, we aren’t able to as homeschooling parents—a topic for another day.

So what was I do, then? Well, my first stop was Ebay…and, thank goodness I checked. Within a few minutes of my search up popped a listing for a nearly complete…I repeat NEARLY COMPLETE, set of the exact program I was looking for. And, while it’s used, the owner just purchased it a few months ago so it’s still a current edition and it’s never been written in. YAY!! By the time, I added in the missing books, I saved a total of $127.06 on the whole program set!

Once, I got the expensive set out of the cart and came to the conclusion of exactly what I wanted to work on for the 3rd grade—all the core subjects, plus, learning about the human body, the History of the United States, and learning about each state—I finally had a exact total of what this year would cost me, a grand total of $311.89.

And, while that is still $50-$100 more than I wanted to spend, it’s a lot better than $624.53.

So darling followers, do any of you homeschool? If so, which program(s) do you use?



3 thoughts on “New Homeschool Curriculum #homeschool #homeschoolproblems

  1. Angela, I have no knowledge in this department. I never had children, but I have to comment about how I admire what you’re doing. I can’t imagine the difficulty in raising a child today, in a world that lacks morals and has changed history to suit its purpose (the false history they teach in public schools). With all you have to do, I’m amazed you have time to write. At risk of sounding overly motherly, I’m proud of you. Don’t know if you have a community that you associate with of home-schoolers, but if not, maybe there is one that could help with issues when they pop up. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    1. Awe, shucks. Thank you. 🙂 I have to say that sometimes, my writing does take a back seat on the day to day things. Sometimes, I get an hour, but most days I get a few minutes if anything at all. So, I’m sure if I was childless, or if they were older, I would crank out the books quicker. I’m actually kind of looking forward to them getting older for that reason. LOL. I do have several friends that homeschool, so we talk about it often. The hardest part is finding a program that works for your particular child. Fingers crossed this new program does for her, what I hope it to do. We shall see.

      1. I’m childfree, and I don’t crank out books as fast as you do with kids. Sometimes I just don’t have the drive, and other times I can’t stop the drive. Good luck with the new program.

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