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With two young children in the home, finding time to write is difficult. While I’d love to say that I get up at 4am every day without a problem to get a few hours in, I can’t. That would be lying. But, what I can say is some days I get a few hours while the kids are playing by themselves and some days I get, well, not even a second. *sigh* Ah, the life of a writer with small kids in the house.

So with this little problem, I’ve had to come up with a, grab the bull by the horns, plan to combat it. Every other Saturday, I take the whole day away from the house. I leave in the morning, go to a little nook corner of one of my favorite writing spots, and I don’t come home until late in the afternoon.  It’s a grand day. I love it, and usually, I get a few thousand words in, which makes up for the days at home when I get 250-500 in a day.

While most authors get away to small coffee shops or quiet book stores, I have a few off-the-wall places. One of them is my local movie theater. A movie theater? Yes. A movie theater.

In Moore, Oklahoma, we have the Warren Theater. Above the in-house diner, the arcade, the ticket counter, and the popcorn/candy stand is another restaurant and bar—a second level, where you have to be 21 to get into.

It’s called “The Balcony”.

There are two theaters attached to the balcony—the grand auditorium, and the Directors Suite. Both theaters offer oversized chairs that heat up (the chairs in the director’s suite also recline), and servers to bring you food and drinks while you watch a movie. It’s a running joke amongst people who frequent the theater that once you go balcony or directors suite, you never go back to general seating unless forced.

The balcony also offers two lounges, one with full eating tables, and another with just chairs. Both areas are never busy and are very dark and quiet. Not to mention, they have a turkey sandwich on the menu that I crave, daily. I will admit that I do feel weird walking into a movie theater with my computer bag, and I’ve gotten a few strange looks from people and servers when I sit down in a booth and pull out said computer.

But, do I care? Nope.

One time a friend and I even caught the attention of the manager, who was so taken back by the fact we chose the Warren as a place to come and write without seeing a movie, he made sure we got extra attention. Another time the assistant manager noticed me, and after her curiosity brought her over to my table, she offered to put my business cards in the employee lounge.

My other place is a pizza joint a few miles from my house in a neighboring small town. During the winter months, on any given Saturday, the pizza place probably sees about ten customers…in the whole day…and nine of which pick up their pizza and leave—leaving me, the one other customer, the whole restaurant to myself…all day long.

While I don’t really have the normal writing spots, they are still my spots and I wouldn’t trade them for any coffee shop or book…okay, I might have to rethink the book store, that might actually be cool. However, the nearest book store is quite a drive from my house, so with gas prices and time spent in the car instead of writing, I think I’ll continue to pass on the idea.

Anyway, I love my writing bizarre writing spots, and I can’t wait for my next Saturday off!

11 thoughts on “Bizarre Writing Spots #writing #amwriting #writerslife

  1. Reblogged this on YOURS IN STORYTELLING… and commented:
    I don’t have any particular bizarre writing spot. I do most of my writing at home in my office – which allows me the luxury to sit around in my favorite Batman boxer shorts and tap out earth-shattering epic nothings without anyone complaining about the sight of my big bare feet.

    I will mention that the weirdest place I ever wrote was on top of a double-bladed industrial table saw…but that’s a whole other story.

    1. Thanks for the reblog, Steve!! 🙂 I would love to be able to write at home instead, in the comfort of my fuzzy pants and bed, but I tried that once. When the kids found out I was actually home, they wouldn’t leave me alone and tried to turn the bed into a trampoline. *sigh*. Don’t know if there is a more bizarre spot than a table saw. LOL. You might have to just blog about that. I’m sure it’s a story. Thanks for stopping by!! And, again, thank you for the reblog. It’s much appreciated!!

    1. It is very inviting, and it’s ruined me for going to other movie theaters. LOL. I don’t know if I’ll be able to go to another one and ever enjoy a movie as much. I also don’t go to movies once they are out of the Directors Suite or Grand Auditorium. Once they are in a smaller theater, you have to have general seating. LOL. It definitely makes you a movie snob to go up to the balcony.

  2. I love your commitment to finding a spot to be productive with your writing, even if it involves a few strange looks! So many of us need to take that time for our writer selves, to get out of the everyday that can pull on our time and energies, as Julia Cameron says, an ‘Artist’s Date’. That’s what I focus on with my Write Anywhere venues at my blog.

    I’d have to say the most bizarre place I have written is inside a submarine. The U.S.S. Batfish in Muskogee to be exact. It was very quiet, but eerie. I could have stayed a lot longer, but the metal seats aren’t too comfortable. The Warren’s seats sound a lot better. Keep up the productivity on your Saturday ‘dates’ and the comfy writing spots! 🙂

    1. Wow, a submarine? Yeah, I’d have to say that is way more bizarre than a movie theater. LOL. A friend and I have tried other places, like Panera Bread, but it’s so loud there. Even with headphones, I need quiet and dark. Of course, the pizza place isn’t dark, but boy is it quiet—even with the teenager banter of the employees, which I could write another novel based on their lives with what I hear. LOL. Thanks for stopping by Kristin!

  3. This was fun to read. I’m so glad that you take that every other Saturday to get your writing done. I love those places you go to. They are so unique. I wish I could find a good post, but haven’t yet. Thanks for sharing your favorite spots with us.

    1. Yes, I love my two Saturdays a month. Speaking of which, tomorrow is my first one for this month. Yay!! I usually can get whole chapters done in the one day, which is very good considering I don’t get much time on the other days of the month. Hopefully, you will find a few places that are perfect for you!

  4. I’m pretty sure The Warren is my favorite of our writing spots, simply because it is such an odd choice. Speaking of which, I need another writing day soon…when is our next one?

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