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The Dream of the Mountains #Alaska #homesteading #homestead #mommy

Okay, so maybe this admission seems kind of odd considering that I once lived in a mountainous area and chose to move to the flat lands of Oklahoma where I can see about fifty miles from my front porch, but the mountains of Nevada aren’t really the “mountains” I’m dreaming about.

I’m dreaming about Alaska.

We all have that dream place we would love to call home. That part of land that just calls our name whether we’ve actually visited that place or not. Whether it’s a luscious forest, dense with tall pine trees and hidden rivers, a tranquil beach, with waves crashing upon the shore, the solace of the mountains with majestic views that steal your breath, or the eye-catching rolling green hills of the flat lands, where you can see for miles and miles without anything in your way.

Having lived all of my life in Nevada, I was used to the mountains—the “Sierra Nevadas”, as the Sierra Nevada Mountains are called. Of course, moving to Oklahoma was a bit of a shock to my system.

Do I miss the mountains? I wouldn’t want to live in Alaska if I didn’t, but at the same time, I do rather enjoy the room. There is a comfort in being able to look out my front door and see for miles and miles without anything in my view but rolling green hills and sky.

With that said, I still dream of living in Alaska. I dream of living off the grid up there, hunting and fishing, and just being away from it all, out in the middle of nowhere. I watch shows like Alaska: The Last Frontier, and just sit back wishing I lived on a homestead like the Kilchers.

Of course, the husband thinks I’m crazy. Well, he actually, was on board for a long time until a few really, really cold days this winter, then he started to reconsider his desire to live there as well.  I might still be able to change his mind, but I don’t know.

What I do know is that, I’d love to plan a trip up to Anchorage this year. I’m sure it will be next year or the year after before we actually take the vacation, but hey, since I’m already dreaming…

So darling followers, where is your dream place to live?


6 thoughts on “The Dream of the Mountains #Alaska #homesteading #homestead #mommy

  1. I moved from northern California twenty-three years ago to South Florida, where we joke that the highest point above sea level is a freeway overpass. Over the years, each time I’ve traveled somewhere with mountains, it’s felt like a hole in my soul was filled! I’m pretty excited to be moving to Oregon later this year—that’s my dream place!

    I hope you get your vacation to Alaska … but warn your husband because that’s how we discovered we love Oregon!

    1. LOL. Yes, it’s always funny to hear people out here give directions. You know they are from here when they mention “you go over the hill” and when you’re actually going over the “hill” it’s about a foot higher than the rest of the road. I do love the space out here, but there is just something about Alaska. I doubt we will be able to make the trip this year unless I get some big check in the mail for no reason. LOL. But, maybe one of these years soon. It might be better if we wait anyway, so the girls can get a little older. Traveling with a 2 year old isn’t fun.

  2. I decided some time ago that I was not an adventurer. I didn’t need to travel the world to feel fulfilled. Having said that, Alaska is the one place I would love to adventure to. No, not live there, but definitely spend a long vacation there. We may be headed back north from Florida (to live), and where we’re going is cold enough for me (Chicago). However, the place that calls my name to live is Tennessee either south or east of Nashville. I’m not a country girl, so I need a city nearby, but I do love the outdoors. So, I’d like to live near the Blue Ridge Mountains. I’ve lived in flat lands. I’ve lived near the sea. I’d love to live near mountains now.

    You asked, so you were bound to get a long-winded answer from me. Heh. Let us know if you ever get your husband to change his mind and you make the far move north.

    1. I went through Memphis on my way to Montgomery, Alabama. But that’s as far into Tennessee as I’ve been. I do have a friend who lives near Nashville. He loves it there. I’m a country girl and while, I’m okay with a city nearby, I’d rather be farther away from one. I hear the Blue Ridge mountains are amazing. I’d love to see them one day. I think if we go on a vacation up there and he loves it, I can probably change his mind. Even more so if we could find work from home jobs up there. Having to never really drive in the snow would be a big selling point in dealing with the winters. LOL.

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