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I love Cast Iron Cookware #cooking #homesteading #homestead

th8RD6R694I’ve found a new mission in life….aside from all the others I have going like writing and publishing novels, living off the grid, and giving my family a chance at a simple, wonderful life, that is…

What is this new mission, you ask?

To throw every piece of cookware and bakeware out onto the street for people to run over and replace it with cast iron. I also want to replace all my dishes with enamel ware and glasses with canning jars, but that’s a whole other post for a whole other day.

When I stop and think about all the years I wasted not using cast iron I cringe. I was one of those people who thought non-stick was the way to go because that’s what I was told by everyone around me. While I agree, that cast iron is a bear when it comes to food sticking to it, with enough butter or coconut oil, with just a few scrapes and an occasional cleaning (then oiling), my cast iron pans have been 100 times easier than any non-stick has ever been. Not to mention, cast iron doesn’t scratch, exposing your food to who knows what kind of chemical crap.

Cast iron is simple, it’s durable, and it has a way of just making food a thousand times better!!

For those who don’t know me, I love Lehman’s. I could bankrupt myself at that store. Like seriously. I drool over their catalog, turning the pages slowly so I can revel in each product. Especially, their cast iron section. Oh. My. Stars. If I had a thousand dollars right now, I think I would buy pretty much every cast iron piece they have.

Every now and then I think it would be fun to go through the whole thing and just put everything in my cart to see how much it would cost, but I’m sure seeing a six figure digit would probably give me a heart attack, so I’ve never done it.

Anyway, back to my new mission. I hope to, little by little, buy certain pieces, whether brand new or if I find any at antique stores or flea markets. Hopefully, one day I can kick all my non cast iron cookware and bakeware to the curb, and open my cabinets to nothing but beautiful iron sitting on my cabinet shelves.

So darling followers, do you cook or bake with cast iron?    


7 thoughts on “I love Cast Iron Cookware #cooking #homesteading #homestead

  1. I love cast iron cookware, too. Years ago, I was attending a blood donation drive for a local burn victim. When they tested my blood to make sure I wasn’t anemic, the sample sank to the bottom of the tube of blue solution like a rock plunked in water. The technician’s eyes got wide and he said, “Well, you’re definitely not anemic. Do you take Iron supplements?” Grinning, I replied, “No, I just cook with a cast iron skillet.”

  2. Hey Angela, I’ll be one of those people at your doorstep when the world goes to-you-know-where in a hand-basket needing your off-the-grid know-how. Heh. I just got my very first cast iron pan this Christmas 2014. If you have any good recipes for it, send them on over. So far, I’ve only cooked pork tenderloin and chicken in it. The pork turned out fantastic, the chicken, not-so-much. Any tricks you can offer?

    1. I use a combination of oil and butter. I tend to use more butter on things than normal people, though. I’m not scared of butter. It actually has many health benefits. Was the chicken dry? Did you marinate it? You can try slicing it open to make a small pocket, and filling the pocket with a couple of pats of butter. I cooked venison loin in mine a few weeks ago. It was fabulous. Chicken dries out really quick with any type of pan.

      1. Yep, you guessed it, the chicken was dry. I have a convection oven and it works beautifully on most things for moisture. But, you’re right, chicken does dry out pretty quick. I’ve got it figured out with my other pans, so I’ll have to experiment more with the cast iron to figure it out for chicken too. Thanks for the butter tips. That definitely works for me.

      2. I’ve seen The Pioneer Woman cook chicken breasts in a cast iron pan. She says they only take about 3 min on each side, so maybe that might help. Her chicken never looks dry on the show. LOL. I don’t really cook a lot of chicken.

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