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Meet the new flock! #raisingchickens #chickens #farm #homesteading #homestead

unnamedOnce again, we have chickens on Archer Farms! It’s been far too long since we’ve had them, and I’m so excited to watch these ladies grow and develop personalities.

Of course, my daughter named them all after the characters in Tinker Bell, so without further ado, introducing Tinkerbell, Vidia, Rosetta, Iridessa, Fawn, and Silver Mist. Of course, they all look alike and as they grow up who knows who will be who. But, I suppose it was fun for her, so she can call them whatever she wants.

These little puffs of fluff are only about 5 days old, so they are spending time in the house for now. In a few weeks, we will move them into the coop box with a heat lamp until we can let them outside. 10437659_10204676294140578_2683141269714354821_n

Growing up, I never had chickens, and I never thought I’d have them when I was an adult. They just never seemed like the pet to have. However, now that I’ve had them, I don’t want to ever be without them. They are amazing animals to have on the farm. The kids love them, they are always following us around when we are outside, and they keep the bug population down around the house and barn. Not to mention, when chickens are in the barn, the mice disappear.

We only purchased six this year, as opposed to the dozen we’ve done in the past because we aren’t letting them completely free range. During the day I will let them out, but they will be locked up in the large coop box, not just the pen at night. All of our other attempts at having a flock have ended with a band of coyotes visiting nightly until not a single one survived no matter where we put them, so this year, we didn’t take any chances when rebuilding the coop and pen. It’s now stronger and better, and I’m bound and determined to keep these ladies alive and healthy for many years.

With that mindset, I knew six would be plenty for our family. For those of my followers that have chickens, don’t ya just love having them around? 😉


4 thoughts on “Meet the new flock! #raisingchickens #chickens #farm #homesteading #homestead

    1. They are so cute and tons of fun, *but* there still is apart of me who can’t wait for them to be a little older so they can go out in the coop box with a heat lamp. They are so little and the next week is supposed to be super cold weather, so they are in the house. Baby chicks and two young kids aren’t a good mix. lol. The girls won’t leave them alone. Which is good in away, because it will tame them, but the constant hand washing is driving me a little batty. lol.

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