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Sweat, Dirt, and Tears-Moving the Garden Boxes #gardening #homesteading #homestead

When we first decided on garden boxes instead of a tilled up spot on the property, I made the stupid choice of putting the boxes along our deck. The thought, at the time, seemed great. Fresh veggies and herbs at my fingertips just outside my back door? Uh, yes, please. 971988_10200533874902686_1191425250_n

What I didn’t consider, well I did, but I didn’t think it would affect anything that much, was that our back porch doesn’t get all day sun. In fact, by 1pm in the afternoon, the boxes were completely shaded. And, that doesn’t really work for plants that require “All Day Sun”.


With the ever learning process, I decided this year would be different. This year, our plants wouldn’t be stunted, only growing so much in a season and barely giving anything at harvest time. This year, we would move the boxes to an area that gets all day sun.

Yay! A solution to my first problem.

Except that raised another problem—moving boxes with 500 pounds of dirt in them. Not to mention, the wood was recycled from a makeshift extra tackroom in our barn. Each of the boards weren’t treated for moisture and had old termite damage. I hope to fix this problem either this year or next by buying new wood and building new boxes, but for now, our only option is using the free wood.

So, armed with a shovel, my wheelbarrow, and a gallon of water, during the nice weather we had last weekend, I started the process of moving the boxes. We also have some old horse barrel feeders that we weren’t using for the horses, so I used them for tomato and bell pepper planters, which had to be moved too.

992853_10200533878742782_977911942_nBy the end of the weekend, I moved four barrel feeders and two of the boxes. I’m hesitant to move the third box. Even though I know I need to, my strawberry plants are still alive and they are in that last box. I know I need to be rather delicate as to how I move them.

In the end, the first steps have been taken, and I burned a lot of calories. LOL. It’s a start, and the next nice weekend we have I will move the last box and barrel to their new home.



2 thoughts on “Sweat, Dirt, and Tears-Moving the Garden Boxes #gardening #homesteading #homestead

  1. I have untreated wood as well and yes the termites do get to them eventually… I have cedar trees that I plan to mill to replace them when the times comes… too many toxic chemicals in treated wood to feel comfortable planting food in them but cedar hold up well, and isn’t toxic…. If you look around sometimes you can find recycled cedar fence posts that make great garden boxes. Good luck next year!

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