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Changes for 2015! #happynewyear #writing #amwriting #author #writerslife

10613131_599136600219401_1033935425633858822_nI have a couple of announcements that will bring big changes to this blog in 2015.

First off, I’m starting my own small (very small….very, very, very, very small) publishing house.

Now before this post goes any further, for the record, I’m not accepting any submissions from other authors at this time or anytime in the near future. I still feel like somewhat of a newbie in the writing world, and I know I still have lots to learn. So because of that, I don’t feel comfortable working on another authors’ work. Heck, I still have bad habits, I’m still not 100% skilled with grammar, and I’m still learning about plot holes and character flaws in my own work. Believe me, I’m not blind to what I lack.

For the first several (several, several, several…did I mention several?) years, I will hire an editor and cover artist and publish my own novels under my house name: Long Valley Press. *You can visit the site and follow if you want. I’m going to publish my Writer Tip Wednesday articles on the other site starting the first of the year.*

Then, once I feel better about things (oh, say in like 10-15 years), maybe, just maybe, I can find a editor and designer to partner with and will open up for submissions and start with publishing one or two titles a year.

Part of me is very scared and part of me is very excited. 🙂 I have fears, doubts, and excitement all at the same time. I hope I’m not jumping in too deep and biting off more than I can chew, but at the same time, doesn’t everyone start out a little in the unknown? And, I can learn right? Lord, I hope so. One thing, I do know is I’m going to take my time with this, like seriously slow, even slower than a snails pace. I’m going learn all I can, and with fingers crossed, I hope to grow with my dream.

Second off, with the launching of Long Valley Press, there are going to be a few changes to this blog starting with the new year. First of all, I will no longer hold Writer Tip Wednesday on this blog, but will post them every Wednesday, on Long Valley Press.  If you would like to receive email notifications and follow the blog for these posts, be sure to sign up!

So, with that change, on this blog, you will find the following each week:

  • Mommy Monday ~ my random mommy moments.
  • Writer Wednesday ~ my writing adventures.
  • Farm Friday ~ my crazy farm livin’ life.

And, lastly, with the ever-growing trouble with Facebook and their new rules for promoting pages, I’m also going to be spending more time on blogs here, reading and commenting and on Goodreads. I can’t wait to get this new years started!!



8 thoughts on “Changes for 2015! #happynewyear #writing #amwriting #author #writerslife

  1. Good, because your comments at *my* blog are why I write in the first place and I’m loving it, Angela! Also, I never used facebook and dislike it’s exclusivity. If you aren’t a member, you can’t open it. That isn’t the definition of a webpage and is very weird. Anybody can comment at WordPress, or at least view Goodreads. You’re better off here. I’m surprised and confused about your idea. Your trilogy achieved publication by someone else! Usually people create a company if they need a way to publish themselves. My guess is that your desire to control how your cover looks and other elements, is as strong as I imagine mine will be someday! Congratulations and good luck.

    I hear you about putting your foot down early. I have my own greeting card company, because I didn’t expect to start or finish a book anytime soon and wanted to publish my words somehow, with great photos of my elder cats and country. So I went to craftsales and got great reactions at our table. But instead of buying, many people wondered if I would take *their* poems or pictures! No! It ain’t a RIEDEL Card if C.M. RIEDEL isn’t behind it. {GRIN!}

    1. Yes, my desire is to have more control over everything, but it’s also a little more than that. Currently, if I find an error or something I want to change I have to go through a lengthy process to have it fixed/done. Not that I have a bad publisher. I have an amazing publisher. I just want the control. Good luck on your project!!

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