Pulling a Submission #writing #submissions #amwriting #writerslife #writerproblems

Well I did it. I actually did it.

I pulled my third novel from submission for one more revision and read through.

Of course, I’m not really shocked in my choice, since I actually have turned down a publishing contract because I felt like the publisher wasn’t right for me. Not that I didn’t want my publisher handling my third, I merely meant that if I could turn down a publishing contract, I could pull a submission because it wasn’t ready. Which let’s face it, is a pretty shocking thing for a new writer trying to sell her debut novel to do. But, with that said, I’m glad I followed my gut then, and I know I’m glad now.

After going through another heavy edit session to get In the Land of Gold where it needed to be, my eyes were opened to my biggest bad habits. Yes, I have several. Of course, it didn’t help that the manuscript was no where near submission ready when I sent it in. How it got a contract, I will never know. I think it was more for the story than anything.

Anyway, after talking to my editor, I decided I was going to pull my third manuscript from submission. In all honesty, the story always kind of bugged me. Like, I felt it was done, but deep down my guy was screaming that it wasn’t. I’m hoping some time away from it is going to be the helping factor. While I’m a bit bummed, I know that this is the better choice in the end. Besides, once it’s sparkling clean, it can go on the schedule and release quickly, so I’m still hopeful for a Spring or Summer release.

I’m actually looking forward to getting back into it. I think I have some new idea for the story and I can’t wait to fit them in. Now, all I need to do is roll up my sleeves and get started!!

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3 thoughts on “Pulling a Submission #writing #submissions #amwriting #writerslife #writerproblems

  1. Good for you, Angela. After your book is finally published, you’ll look back and be so happy that you did this—and so will your fans. It’s a fantastic story that will be even that much better with the editing and changes you have planned.

  2. That’s the sign of a good writer, to know when something is missing and make a tough decision to go back and make it right. Good luck, and Happy Thanksgiving.

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