To people who pirate books…. #writing #amwriting #writerproblems #writerslife

My novel was found on a pirate site. While this knowledge has me both excited–excited that it’s popular enough to want to be hacked–I’m also quite pissed off.

To people who pirate books,

Let me applaud you people who pirate books. You’ve hunted down what you desire, you’ve searched and searched, probably all on either your expensive computer, tablet, or smart phone too, and you’ve clicked the download button when you finally found the book you want. Although, you didn’t pay for it. You downloaded an illegal copy.

Congratulations, you just stole a book. So, does this mean you would walk into a book store, pluck a book from the shelf, and walk out without paying for it? Because that’s basically what you did. You just did it from the comfort of your couch.

Perhaps, you didn’t think about that fact when you robbed a hard-working author who depends on what little income we get from our book sales. Perhaps, you didn’t think of the fact that we use that income to put a roof over our head, food in our stomachs, and take care of our children. I guess perhaps, nothing really crossed your mind other than the excitement that you got what you wanted.

And of course, you’re so unbelievably important that it makes the absolutely horrible thing you just did okay.

Bravo, you saved $3 bucks.

Bravo, you robbed me of my royalty.

Bravo, you devalued my work.

Is my hard work worth so little to you? I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  Why the heck should you pay for four and a half years of my life? For four and a half years of sweat, tears, hours and hours in front of my computer writing and doing research, and time away from my family. For four and a half years hoping and praying that I can bring some entertainment to people.

Yeah, I guess you’re right that should be free for you because you are *that* important.

While I understand people go through hardships. Maybe you couldn’t buy the book because you, too, are struggling in this bad economy. Believe me, I understand. I would love to own more books than I do, but buying books is a luxury that falls on the back burner to bills. I understand that. But, wouldn’t it be better to then…oh I don’t know….go to a )(*&^&*(& library and borrow the book? Instead of create an illegal copy that you probably will give away to all your friends so they can steal the book too and pass on to their friends and so on and so on. Thanks for stealing from me again and again and again.

Bravo, you are a despicable disgrace.

Instead of the excitement, you should feel ashamed. You should feel the horrible thing you’ve done to an author. You should feel the guilt you should have over your actions. You should feel the remorse so that you never ever, never ever do it again to another author. You should realize that you need to make it up to us by not giving out your copy, but telling everyone how much you loved the book so they go out and buy it. And, you should never tell anyone where you stole it, but instead tell them where to buy it.

You should be a human being.

But, I guess, you steal books. I guess I’m expecting too much of you. Oh, yeah, I forgot. You’re *that* important.

2 thoughts on “To people who pirate books…. #writing #amwriting #writerproblems #writerslife

  1. While I was attending the release party for a friend, one of her friends (who I don’t know if she’s socially awkward or knows exactly what she’s doing and does it on purpose…my guess is the latter) started spouting off about all the books she’s pirated….in front of two recently published authors. I about threw my drink on her. Luckily, I have recourse through my publisher. They have been taken down, and some of them are actually just credit card scam sites.

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