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Can’t spit nails through a closed mouth… #writing #rant #dailyrant #writerproblems

Over the last few weeks a few happenings in the public book world and in my own personal book world have me spitting nails. The rants bubbling in my chest, the growls under my breath, the skin crawling need to lash out in a opinionated diatribe have all turned into this annoying tick that is causing my eye to twitch.

It’s annoying.

From pirate book sites, to a news feed blow up regarding the movie trailer release to a certain popular book, to a few remarks another certain author made about readers and publishers, to bad reviews, my mind is a swirling mess of frustrated chaos.

And, why is my mind a mess? Because whenever I think about spewing all of my honest opinions on my Facebook page or Blog, the don’t you dare knee-jerk reaction slaps me right back into reality. Even bad press is good press, right? While I’m sure some would say yes, I’m on the side of saying no. Even if bad press was good in a way–or several ways–I know I don’t want to travel down that road…at least not yet. Someday I might not give a rats’ pa-tootie. Who knows.

Anyways, as authors trying to make a brand and name for ourselves, we know the pains of marketing on a good day with a good reputation. Strike the good with the bad blow of an opinionated blog post or Facebook rant and you are seconds shy of ruining your reputation and even career.

Don’t think it’s possible?

It is. Earlier in the year, I remember seeing my news feed on Facebook blow up over an author who wrote a particularly harsh piece about J.K. Rowling and her readers. Out of curiosity, I’ve followed this author and to this day, the author is still getting hateful, vindictive messages on her author page and 1 star reviews on her novel on Amazon. Just for giving her opinion in an article. Just for speaking her mind.

Oh yes, opinions are that powerful.

As I schedule my September blog posts, I’ve noticed I have a few that probably could be considered opinionated posts, and I have to admit that a few times my hand has hovered the mouse over the trash button to delete the posts. While I don’t think these are overly ranting posts, you never know what people are going to react to and what they aren’t. You never know if a certain word or sentence is going to set someone off in a tirade.

So with that in mind, at what point do you throw caution to the wind and speak your mind? At what point do you decide to go for it with both guns poised to fire back at the criticism you’re going to receive in return? Or, at what point to bite your tongue and keep your mouth shut?



2 thoughts on “Can’t spit nails through a closed mouth… #writing #rant #dailyrant #writerproblems

  1. It’s this way with everything now-a-days. No one is allowed to have an opinion about anything, thus they be banished from society. I’m not really sure what the “right” opinion is supposed to be to stay a part of society. I’m a person who usually speaks my mind, so this is also difficult for me. I think it’s concerning that we don’t even let the true-haters of the world speak their minds. They go into hiding and we don’t know who they are, unless someday they pop up in a maniacal sort of way. Sigh. I get it, Angela. I wish I had an answer.

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