Writing and Riding #writing #amwriting #horsebackriding #horses

10494687_10203085706096871_701379752687363900_n In the hectic, everyday life of writing, book promotion, blogging, farm chores (milking the goat, taking care of the chickens, and watering the garden), household chores (laundry, dishes, cleaning, and cooking), homeschooling my oldest along with just taking care of two young children, I find that “me” time is…well…something unfortunately, I don’t get much of–unless I get up at 4am, which to be honest, I haven’t been very good about lately.

With everything going on, I try to live by a daily schedule. Having a list of things to do just for that day helps keep me on track, helps me get everything done, and just helps keep me from going into a melt down at the drop of a hat. Do I still have moments of chaos? Um…while I’d love to say no, even the voices in my head are laughing at me on that one. Sure, I do. I have two young children. Who doesn’t have chaos living with a 7 year old and a almost 2 year old? Seriously, if you know a someone, I’d love to meet them.10492579_10203085705696861_7395710111562305596_n

Since the weather is nice…well nicer, it’s starting to get rather hot early on in the day now that we are getting into August…otherwise known as the hotter than you know where month. Gotta love Oklahoma. When I first moved here I wasn’t aware of the 100 degree days of August with 100 percent humidity. Would it have changed my mind about living her, no, but still, they aren’t fun. Anyways, since the mornings are beautiful, I’ve been able to schedule in time with Honky (aka Piglet the Horse) and it’s been wonderful.

Before I had kids, every moment I wasn’t at work I was on the back of my horse. Weekends were spent either trail riding or competing in horse shows. Nights were spent practicing in the arena or just spending time out in the barn. Unfortunately, life has gotten in the way of my barn time, and unfortunately, I’ve allowed it. I’ve missed out on precious years with an old friend who when I go out to see him now I can tell has missed me. I hate it, but I can’t let that get me down. It won’t do me any good. All I can do is make a change now, and that’s what I’m doing. While 4am is writing time, 6am is riding time.

2 thoughts on “Writing and Riding #writing #amwriting #horsebackriding #horses

  1. I could not handle such a busy schedule. I wish I could. I panic when my schedule gets too full. You’re very strong to be handling so much. Wow, home schooling, too. I have no idea how you have time to write novels. You go, girl!

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