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I’ve been thinking about different points of view in novels a lot lately, and even more about the fact that all my novels are written in first person. Out of the many writer friends I have, and most of the writer acquaintances, aside from one that I know of, I’m the only writer who writes in first person.

I don’t know why when I first started writing I chose this point of view. I just did. I like it to write it. And, I like to read it.

In starting my third novel, When the Black Roses Grow, I started it in first person just like the first two, and I’m enjoying it just as with the others. I’m nearly finished with the final draft and hope to have it in my editors hands by 1st of August. Fingers crossed she loves it, and soon I can announce a third novel is in contract with Soul Mate Publishing.

Back to the point of this blog post, though. While I’ve been finishing this novel, I recently have been working on a Fantasy outline that just keeps bugging me. Of course, a small part of me laughs every time I think of me writing a Fantasy–not because I laugh at the genre, I actually like Fantasy, but because of the fact that I actually think I have the imagination to write one, but that’s a whole other blog topic, though for another time. 🙂

Anyways, this book has been like this annoying little finger that just keeps poking and poking and poking and poking me. Repeating the words ‘plot me, plot me, plot me’. Finally one day, I gave in and decided to start getting it all out on paper. I figure it’s going to take me a long time to outline this novel and even longer to write it, why not start now and work on it whenever I hit a brick wall with When the Black Roses Grow and The Parking Spot (the Contemporary Romance outline set to be my fourth manuscript). Then, if and when, I decide to focus all my attention on this Fantasy it will be ready to go. In writing this outline, though I’ve realized that this Fantasy should be written in third person, and I have to say it’s scaring me a little.  Surely, it could be written in first person with different points of view, but I know myself, and doing something like that will annoy the heck out of me. No, I know it has to be third. It has to be.

I’ve never written in third person. I’m not very familiar or comfortable with it as I’ve never really focused on more than one character at a time. Certainly, I have other characters besides the heroine, but those other characters are built through the heroines eyes and scenes are only experienced by her no matter how many others are along for the ride with her.

I suppose this is all just something I shouldn’t really even be thinking about since the novel is no where near the starting line, and isn’t even on my schedule of what the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, or ninth novels are going to be. Yes, I have nine novels sitting in the waiting wings. All itching just to be written. I suppose this point of view problem is just something to think about…or should I say, freak out about, I guess, because you know how I love to stew on things that I shouldn’t stew on.

Anyways, so what point of view do you write in? Have you done more than one? Which is your favorite to write and read?


4 thoughts on “Point of View #writing #amwriting #writerslife #writerproblems

  1. You’ve got my mind stirring with things to share today, Angela. I can relate very well to your writing dilemmas. I started out writing in 1st person, but have been writing in 3rd person for some time now. I prefer 3rd person. The transition was easy for me, because I just looked at it as writing in first person but using different pronouns. Don’t know if that makes any sense, but it works for me. I really don’t care for the 1st person written from different pov’s in novels. Somehow, it seems like cheating. I mean, I’ve even read a couple of good novels that way, but I still prefer the pov switch in 3rd person.

    Like you, I have a novel in mind (for more than 6 years now), that keeps nagging at me. I’ve never written fantasy before either, and also like you, I can’t imagine having the imagination for it. Ha! But, this one that is nagging at me is going to have some magical realism. I have all kinds of notes about those characters written, and actually got a prologue on paper. We shall see.

    I also love the titles of your books. I cannot think of a good title for mine. I wish I could have you title them. Heh. Good luck, Miss Angela.

    1. I love the thought of this fantasy, I love the story that’s bugging me, but yeah, I just don’t quite know yet if I can do it. lol. I’d like to think I can do it, but… I guess we will find out. I really want to make sure I have all the ducks in a row for it, though before I start.

      I just finished my third novel, so I’m going to be gearing up to start the forth. I’m tempted to write it in 3rd just to do something different. I might write the first chapter in both and see which one I like better. As for the titles, I struggled with The Woman on the Painted Horse like you wouldn’t believe. It went through 3 title changes. Once it clicked it just did, and in all honesty, I got the idea from my 7 year old. She was watching a show and I heard her yell “paint the horse, you paint the horse.” Bingo.

      1. Well, you may have gotten that first title from your daughter, but all the other ones you mention are also very good. I’m really struggling with mine. Sigh.

      2. What is the story about? I try to incorporate the title into a line that could be used as a line in the actual book, and then I usually use it as one of the last lines in the book. With In the Land of Gold, I have the hero ask the heroine why she’s traveled to the land of gold. In the Salem book, When the Black Roses Grow, I have it that she finds love and herself “when the black roses grow”, etc,

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