Are you disconnected from your stories? #writing #amwriting #writerslife #writerproblems

The other night I decided I was going to watch the special features on the 8th Harry Potter film. In the special features was an interview that J.K. Rowling did with Daniel Radcliff, and it turned out to be a very fun and interesting interview. During their conversation, she said something that struck me. Well, actually she said a couple of things, one of which I’m going to save for next week, and one that I will talk about now.

In answering a few of Daniel’s questions, she mentions that since she’s ended the Harry Potter books and has started her other books, she’s been out of the Harry Potter world for so long that she feels a little disconnected from the characters she spent 17 years with.

TheWomanPaintedH2_850This struck me because I had been thinking about this exact same thought for the last few days. A few days ago, out of curiosity I opened up The Woman on the Painted Horse on my Kindle and I started reading it. While I  remember writing the words, remember plotting the scenes, and remember absolutely loving this book just months ago, I couldn’t help but feel a little disconnected from the story and characters.

I think that’s because I’ve been so involved in writing a second and third novel, I’m now disconnected from William and Alexandra—my first hero and heroine that I spent four and a half years with. I knew them in and out. I knew their wants, needs, desires, hopes, and dreams.

I knew them.

And, now I don’t.

In reading the first few chapters the other day, the words just seemed like such a far off place and time that I don’t really remember anymore. Like an old book I wrote long ago and have forgotten about. Of course, I haven’t forgotten about it, I’m still heavily promoting it. I mean, it’s only been on the market for four short months, but in, not only writing When the Black Roses Grow, but also gearing up for the edits and publication of In the Land of Gold in a few months, I have to admit that The Woman on the Painted Horse hasn’t really gotten my full attention lately.

SmallerKnowing this makes me a little sad. It was my first book. My first step into my author self. My first foot in the door to a career that I had been always searching for, but never knew how badly I really wanted until I started. It was the first time I put my craft out into the world to see, and it now just seems so far away. I guess such is the reality of writing several books, though. As we continue through our careers, creating different worlds and characters we are bound to lose the connection to ones of the past. While that is a sad notion, I guess it’s also not really that sad at the same time since it means  we are connecting to others instead.

I suppose in the end, the past characters never really leave us, they just fade in the distance of our minds.

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3 thoughts on “Are you disconnected from your stories? #writing #amwriting #writerslife #writerproblems

  1. How interesting. My stories are still pretty fresh in my mind, but I was reading notes on stories I started but never finished years ago and they were fleeting. It’s odd how we can spend so much time creating and then lose them for a bit

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