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My Hair Donation!! #momlife #hairdonation #fightcancer

Happy Blog Anniversary, I cut all my hair off….and I donated it to be made into a wig for a woman in need.

I have to admit that I never had this goal while growing my hair out for the last 6 years. Occasionally, the thought of cutting it and donating it crossed my mind, but I would push the thought from my head. I didn’t want to cut it. I wanted it long. To be honest, growing it out was for myself and the longer it got the longer I wanted it…for me.

And then something happened.

Something that changed everything. An old friend received the news no woman wants to get. She had ovarian cancer and her only treatment option was one that changed her whole life and life plans. While I’m not a close friend with this woman, her story and struggles still touched me. She is an amazing, strong, and brave woman. Stronger and braver than I could ever hope to even be in life not just with such a horrific life event. To even know her is a complete honor.

*About three months before “The Cut”*


*The Cut*

10259760_10202755668926148_2096529742450186801_n  10252167_10202755669046151_5011189721932523572_n20140510_183225

*16 Inches gone* (My hairstylist actually took off 18 inches, she left two for something to work with.)


*The Donation!* I heard that the donation company for Pantene is better than Locks of Love, but with Pantene, the hair can’t be dyed, and unfortunately, I have dyed mine several times in the last 6 years I’ve been growing it. So, I sent the donation to Locks of Love. Either way, I figure I will be helping someone out, so what does it matter which company.




13 thoughts on “My Hair Donation!! #momlife #hairdonation #fightcancer

  1. You Go Girl! I love your new look:)

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  2. Your hair is still so long! I’ve donated mine three times now. I just keep doing it. I figure it is something I can give so easily, why not? I am also a melanoma survivor, but I’ve been donating for more than ten years so the two aren’t even related. So glad you took the plunge… your hair is awesome and will make someone very, very happy… and grateful… etc. Brava!!

    1. Thanks Ana! It’s definitely easier, although, I do have to spend time with a hair dryer, round brush, and flat iron with it now. Oh well. While it was pretty when it was long, I did notice that it dragged me down. Not to mention, I live in Oklahoma and the 100 degree heat in August would have killed me. lol.

  3. Your heart is so big, Angela. What a beautiful thing to do. But, I’m glad you didn’t cut it ALL off and get a really short do. Your hair is still longer than most. Hugs!

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