Adventures in Writing a Novel

2nd Time is the Charm #writing #amwriting #writerslife

I know, I know. That’s not how the saying goes. But right now, it’s how I feel.

I will always remember every date associated with my first novel, especially, the date I signed my contract–July 8, 2013. First novels are special. First novels are amazing. First novels are, well, your first, and I used to think that no matter how many novels I write and publish, none of them will be like my first.

And, then I signed my second contract.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that the second novel has out shadowed or surpassed my first, but I’ve been thinking about it on a deeper level the last few days and I’m starting to think that the second, just might be, for me, a little more special.

Perhaps, my thinking is wrong or out of the ordinary, I don’t know. A part of me just feels like now that I have another novel in contract, I really am able to say this is my career, this is what I’m supposed to do, this is what I’m good at, and this isn’t just a dream that I lucked out on this one time. The second one says to me that I wasn’t a fool to think I could do this.  Of course, I could still hear those words in reviews. LOL I mean, who’s to say my novels aren’t going to be huge flops.

I guess I will find that out later. For now, I’m just going to bask in my this second contract glow….

P.S. Before I forget, March is going to be an explosive month on this blog. I have a bunch of interviews lined up with fellow Soul Mate Publishing authors!! I’m so excited to introduce everyone and I had an amazing time reading their answers. It’s a wonderful group of people and I look forward to sharing them with all my followers!! Starting March 3rd, look for these great interviews!!


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