Adventures in Writing a Novel

Switching Genre Gears #paranormalromance #romance #writing #amwriting

imagesCASMV27PWhen I first started writing I knew the genre I wanted to write in: sweet heat level Historical Romances. They seemed to be my niche considering that I love to research and read about history, and while I applaud writers who can burn the midnight oil with the heaving breasts of female leads and bare-chested male leads, the thought of writing something even 1/10th the degree of 50 Shades of Gray just sends my skin crawling.

But, with that said, the plot and story for manuscript #3 has taken quite a different turn. One that I wasn’t expecting when the idea first popped into my head, but also one I’m actually growing very excited about. And, while it’s still a sweet heat level historical with a romance, manuscript #3, When the Black Roses Grow, is a historical paranormal romance.

Perhaps, the reason for my change in genre is because I’ve been helping a friend with her epic fantasy. Or perhaps, I’m ready to expand and stretch my fingers. I don’t know. But what I do know is that I’m ready for this new adventure, this new adventure into paranormal. Eeekk!!

I never thought I would try anything paranormal or fantasy. Ever. I don’t really know why, though. I guess, maybe, it’s because I never thought I had the imagination for it. Who knows, but I suppose it doesn’t matter because I’m gearing up to do it anyways. And, I’m crossing my fingers that I can actually create the novel I have envisioned in my head. 🙂


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