Adventures in Writing a Novel

I signed my second book contract!! #writing #amwriting #publishing #writerslife

As of February 8, 2014, my second novel IN THE LAND OF GOLD, is in contract with Soul Mate Publishing!! I’m so excited I can barely stand it!! Signing the first contract was amazing, but signing a second is indescribable. The overwhelming notion that I’m not going to be a one-book-wonder and that I actually might have a chance at an actual career as an Author has been an experience I didn’t know if I would ever feel, and has surprised me more than I could have imagined. Wahoo!!



Looking down upon Christopher Payton, Cora Colton can’t believe she even doubts saying yes to his proposal. From a good family, wealthy, and charming, Christopher is perfect for her. However, staring down at the band of gold and diamonds, she hesitates. Something is missing, something is wrong, but she just doesn’t know what that something is.

After her father’s untimely death, Cora travels to Tacoma and learns that she is now the owner of his gold claim in Dawson City, Canada. Throwing caution to the wind, she leaves her ring on the table, and departs for Canada and the adventure of a lifetime.

Arriving in the canvas tent town of Skagway on edge of the Klondike trail, Cora catches the attention of Flynn O’Neill, an Irishman who has lived on the trail guiding stampeeders for a few years. A bond thrusts them together, but their pasts threaten to tear them apart—if they can even survive the hardships and death on the trail to the land of gold.

My sweet heat level, historical romance novel follows the voyage of stampeeders risking their lives during the 1897 Klondike Gold Rush.


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