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Since, oh I don’t know, day one, I suppose, I’ve dreamt of the cover for my novel. If you were to ask my writer friends how many pictures and different ideas I had for the cover over the years I don’t know if they could give you an exact number because it’s too high.

My cover has always been important to me. So important that I even turned down a contract offer, because I feared that the certain publisher would bestow upon my novel a cover I didn’t want or like and because I signed a contract, would overrule me if I protested.

Every day since I sent off my cover art information sheet and learned about my upcoming release date, I’ve been stalking my email. Two, three, a thousand, times a day, I open my email, looking not only for the notes from the editor, but the draft photo of the cover.

Finally, last night, I received the email. Funny how you wait for something so long, and yet, when it finally arrives it actually shocks you a little. Anyways, the excitement bubbled as I read the email. And, in one swift click of the attachment, my cover popped up on the screen……

Do you remember that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie is sitting in her publishers office. They are sitting in front of her, excited to reveal their draft cover, turn the photo around and her reaction is “No!” Then after a few moments she says. “Well, wait, let me see it again. [they show her the book] No, absolutely not, I would rather die.”

Ok, so that is a bit overdramatic. To be fair and completely, totally, and utterly honest, the cover they sent is very, very, very, very, pretty and is exactly what I want. Period. The problem is, it just needs a little tweaking. After I clicked send on the response email with my concerns and suggestions, I have to admit I felt a little guilty. I didn’t want to be difficult for the guy or make him feel like he’d done a bad job. He really didn’t. It’s what I had always wanted for my novel. It just had certain details that didn’t fit. Once those tweaks are made it will be absolutely perfect.

I will say, though, even if it wasn’t perfect out of the gate, seeing my name on the bottom of that picture was quite an amazing feeling. 🙂  I worked my butt off on this novel. Letting it consume every spare second of my life for the last four years and now, I’m one more step closer to holding it in my hands.

3 thoughts on “Cover Girl #writing #amwriting #writerlife #author #writerproblems

  1. The tweaks are what makes it – I have just revealed the cover for my self-pub endeavour on my blog… and just as in your case, there are a couple of tweaks to make and I feel guilty as heck for needing to ask for them. But it wouldn’t be perfect otherwise… 🙂

    1. Hi Katherine! Yes, if tweaks need to be made, they need to be made. Especially, in mine. Certain details were lacking, and they were very important details. Congrats on your book! Do you have a link for it? Or for a site with the release information?

  2. I do remember that scene from SATC. Ha! It was hilarious, and so was that cover they had chosen for her. Congratulations on the cover. The way you shared the changes you’d like here was very tactful and didn’t sound difficult at all. I’m sure the person you’re working with will understand. It sounds very exciting. I have no idea what cover I want for my WIP. I wish I did.

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