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DSCN4201I always thought it would be wonderful to make my own baby food. I don’t really know why I never attempted the endeavor with daughter #1. I’m sure it’s safe to say it was because of time or perhaps I didn’t really believe I could. I don’t know. Either way, though, the bottom line is I didn’t do it.

When daughter #2 arrived, once again the thought crossed my mind. Still though, I pushed the thoughts to the back of my mind and proceeded down the grocery aisle grabbing containers of baby food.

As I started making more homemade food; however, the thought began to bubble. I was already making bread, jam, granola bars, batter for frying, pancakes, muffins, and cakes…basically anything I can make instead of buy, I’m making. lol. My next goal is spaghetti sauce and peanut butter. We just purchased a bunch of chicks, who hopefully will be laying eggs by next spring, and today I will be bringing home a goat for milk, soap, yogurt, butter, cream, and cheese. Here I am using as little processed food as I could in all my meals, so why not baby food too? DSCN4197

Then, a few months ago, after discovering certain news about the brand of baby food I was giving my daughter, I marched myself down to the store and bought a baby food processor. While a friend of mine told me that any one would do, I had always had my eye on the Baby Bullet. lol. It’s cute and I loved the fact that it came with the little cups that had the dial date indicator.

DSCN4199Yes, the initial purchase was expensive: $56 for the machine and $15 for an extra set of cups, but in the long run, making my own baby food is saving me tons of money. Not to mention, it’s A LOT healthier for a bunch of different reasons. I’m also finding that it’s really not that time consuming. I can make 2 servings of carrots, 2 servings of pears, 4 servings of sweet potatoes, 2 servings of apples (or bananas), and 2 servings of avocado in about 20 minutes. Those 12 containers will last me 3 days. Granted, it takes some time to boil the fruit and vegetables, but that can easily be done while you are doing other things. And, I’ve even boiled them all together in one pot with no problems.

DSCN4200To say that I’m both proud of my self and completely happy is an understatement! And, it’s just another reason I can’t wait for my garden to start coming in and producing the supply of fruit and vegetables for our family.

Next up…..making some baby clothes and pretty dresses for daughter #1…….I’m so excited!!


14 thoughts on “Homemade Baby Food #mommy #momlife #homesteading

    1. I totally agree! I’ve cut as much as I possibly can out. I’ve printed out as many recipes as I can find on homemade stuff from peanut butter to chips. If I can make it instead of buy it, I will try. Thanks to the IRS, I had to put my goat buying plans on hold, but as soon as I can, we will have another heartbeat on the property. This one though will give us milk.

  1. We make our own babyfood here too, we even make our own rice cereal. It saves a bunch of money and we like knowing that what is actually IN the food. We even planted baby-friendly veggies in our garden this year. Saves so much money!

    1. Hi, Audrey! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I am in love with the little machine. I haven’t tried the extra and freezing, but she’s only 6 months old, so she’s not eating very much right now. I’m sure as she gets older my batches are going to have to be bigger.

  2. This sounds like a great plan! I love how much of your own food you’re producing yourself. More of us need to do that (but alas, for those of us who don’t have a yard, chickens and goats are kinda tough…)

  3. Great post! I made my own babyfood when my girls were little (now 12 and 16) mostly because I once tried the stuff in jars and found it absolutely disgusting. I thought if I don’t like it how can I expect my baby to eat it? I used to freeze the blended veggies in ice cube trays which was great for portioning. I always kept the veggies separate so that I could mix and match different veggies for a variety of meals. I also used onion which, when cooked gives a lovely sweet flavour to any meal. 🙂

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