If patience is a virtue, then count me without virtue #writing #amwriting #writerslife #writerproblems

I have no patience. Not even as a child did I have any and while I got better about it the older I got, the whole writing/publishing adventure is testing the last shred I have. After spending two and a half years writing my manuscript, I’m having difficulties with the time it’s taken in the submission process.

Having my email attached to my phone isn’t helping. Every time the little red light is flashing and has a star next to my email icon my I instantly get excited at the thought that it could be an email from a publisher. To my disappointment it’s always an email about something else and I want to throw my phone.

I think I’m slowly going insane.

Every time I overhear people talking about a book while I’m in a restaurant or store, or I see my Facebook friends talking about a book  on their page I want to scream. I want them to be talking about MY book, not someone elses! I want them to be reading MY book, not someone elses!

I just want my book published. Period.

Some have said. “Well if you want it published now, then self-publish it.” Um, yes, I do agree that, that option does eliminate my problem. I don’t want to self publish the book. At least not yet. Let me see if I am rejected by the other publishing companies I have submitted to first. 🙂 Course, I guess with that answer there is nothing more to say to myself than “Just shut up and wait your turn then.”

I realize that agents and publishers are bombarded on a daily basis with thousands and thousands of queries and they only human beings. Reading all those queries day in and day out, then reading the full manuscripts they request are time-consuming. But om my stars do they really need up to three months to give me an answer? I suppose I will respect that they do and just pout in the corner. I know that because this is my debut novel the feeling is heightened and that if I’m lucky enough to have a second, third, or twentieth, I will one day calm down about the whole issue of time – at least I hope I will.

One thing I know is that submission limbo is for the birds!

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2 thoughts on “If patience is a virtue, then count me without virtue #writing #amwriting #writerslife #writerproblems

  1. HI Angela. I suggest working on the next project to keep your mind off this one. Or enter your manuscript in several writing contests to get more feedback, which they will certainly do by the dates they list on their websites. Good luck!

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