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They did what? #writing #amwriting #writerslife

I grabbed my phone to check the time this morning and noticed the red light flashing. This isn’t anything new since I have my Facebook updates sent to my phone. Opening up the home screen though, it wasn’t Facebook that had the update. It was my email. I still really didn’t think anything of it. First of all, I wasn’t really even awake yet, and second of all while my yahoo email has yet to be found by spammers, I’ve been very careful about where I leave that email, I still have notifications that come to that email, like my WordPress updates.

After tapping the screen, though, the highlighted new email wasn’t an email I was expecting. It was from a publishing company. The publishing company that I had submitted my query too just seven short days ago – and the same publishing company I had sent the query to with the wrong publishing company name as the addressed to.

Ugh. Well here we go, let’s start off what is planned to be a fun Sunday with the family with a rejection letter. I have to say apart of me was actually looking forward to it. It’s been four weeks since I’ve heard from any of the publishing companies or agents that I submitted to in the first few weeks of May. Even rejections are a form of communication and proof that you are still out there. I was starting to feel like a new writer ghost, going from a rejection every other day (my record for one day is three, yay me!) to absolutely nothing. I even expected this one, though, not so quickly, even their website said it would take four weeks. But knowing I sent them a query with a mortifying mistake I thought maybe it wouldn’t take that long.

And, boy was right. Seven days later, I was getting the email.

I tapped on the email and the bright white screen blinded me for a moment as I braced myself for the words “Dear Author, We regret to inform you…”

You can imagine my surprise, though, when I read:

Dear Angela, (They actually used my name!) We would like to see a full manuscript for THE WOMAN ON THE PAINTED HORSE. Please submit as either a .doc or .rtf (what is that?) file at your earliest convenience. Regards, (The same girl who sent me the “should I trash this?” email).

I’m sorry, but I think I just hallucinated. What did the email say? Even after reading the email for the third time, I was still speechless. I thought for sure this publishing company was going to reject my query on the spot. And now here they were asking for the full manuscript! In their submission guidelines it states” “If we like what we see we will request the full manuscript.” Does that mean that they actually liked what they saw? No one has liked it before. Everyone has simply wrote it off at first glance and wrote me off in the process. Was this really happening?

I bounded out of bed and am so awake that I don’t think I even need coffee this morning!

While I know that my manuscript could still be rejected and just because they ask for it doesn’t mean it’s a guarantee they will even wish to publish it, it’s still a step. A step that I haven’t taken in this journey yet and I want to relish in the excitement at least for a little while.



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