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Did you mean this for me? #writing #amwriting #writerslife #writerproblems

Over the last few days I’ve been dealing with a lot and one thing I’ve missed is sleep. My lack of sleep woes have affected not only my energy levels, but my brain as well. I think deep down I knew I was tired and it was affecting me, but I really didn’t know exactly how much until yesterday afternoon when I received a mortifying email from a publishing company I had submitted my manuscript to about an hour earlier.

“Dear Angela, I’m sorry — who are you intending to submit this to? It is addressed to another agency. Should I trash it?”

*Thunk* I think the imprint of the desk is now a permanent part of my forehead.

How did I ever make such a horrifying mistake? Well my first error was saving one particularly agency name on my query letter. So that every time I copy and paste it in an email the agency name is transferred into the email. With as many times as I’ve sent out my query letter, copying and pasting it is the easiest way, but my advice to every writer is to make sure they generalize the addressed to so that they don’t send the wrong information.

I have since done this.

So what did I respond to the email with? Well I swallowed my horror and thought that a sincere apology would be better than just simply tucking my tail and ignoring the woman. I sent her an email not only apologizing several times, but I told her I completely understood if my manuscript was rejected because of my very foolish mistake. To my surprise, she was very understanding and said she would happily forward the submission to the correct Editor if I sent another email with the correct name.

Will the manuscript still get rejected? Who knows. But I know one thing for certain: I definitely learned my lesson to look over every single detail of every single submission before I hit the send button!



One thought on “Did you mean this for me? #writing #amwriting #writerslife #writerproblems

  1. Awww *hugs*! I have done a similar thing before, too. I understand that horrifying feeling. It happens to everyone at least once, I think. I am glad things turned around and she asked you to re-send your submission.

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